Terms & Conditions

1.Bravat Global Pty Ltd is bound only by the conditions here within. Any other conditions and warranties are excluded. Bravat Global Pty Ltd may vary these conditions by written agreement with the customer.

2.The customer hereby warrants that the information contained herein is true and correct and is supplied for the purpose of obtaining credit.

3.The customer hereby warrants that the person signing the agreement is duly authorised by the customer to apply for credit and execute this agreement.

4.The customer agrees to adhere to the terms and conditions of this agreement.

5.In the event of the supplier granting credit facilities to the customer then the following terms shall apply:
(i) All accounts are to be settled in full 30 days from end of month statement date
(ii) Should the customer (irrespective of whether the time for payment or any delivery hereunder has expired) default in the payment of any monies due under this agreement then all monies due to the supplier by the customer shall immediately become due and payable and shall be paid by the customer within seven (7) days of the Date of Demand and the supplier shall be entitled to charge interest rate of 20% per annum on all monies outstanding from the date of actual payment.
(iii) Any express, costs or disbursements incurred by the supplier in recovering any outstanding monies including debt collection agency fees and solicitor’s costs shall be paid by the customer, provided that these fees do not exceed the charges as usually charged by that debt collection agency/solicitor for the work of that nature.

6.The directors/shareholders of the customer do hereby jointly and severally guarantee payment of the account and agree to enter into the standard form of guarantee used by the supplier should such guarantee be required.

7.The customer shall no later than fourteen (14) days prior to any proposed change of ownership change in registered particulars alterations, additions to the shareholding or directorship notify the supplier of the proposed change and the customer shall notify the supplier of any change, alteration or addition to the customer’s internal structure and shall provide full details of the proposed change , alteration or addition unless the supplier has acknowledged in writing acceptance of the intending change, alteration or addition.

8.The customer undertakes personal responsibility for all debts incurred by the customer, notwithstanding any change in status of the organisation of the customer, until such time as the customer notifies the supplier by registered or certified mail of any change and a new application for credit is made under the title of the new organization.

i. Prices are those contained in Bravat Global’s official price list. All prices are subject to change without notice.
ii. Any backorders will be supplied at the price applicable at the time prior to any price changes unless otherwise agreed to in writing.

i. Cancellation of orders will not be accepted unless agreed to by management.

i. No liability is accepted for damage or shortage of goods unless written notification is received by Bravat Global within 2 working days.
ii. All goods of faulty manufacture (excluding unavoidable imperfections) will be credited or replaced by Bravat Global provided the fault is advised within reasonable time after delivery and the faulty product is made available for inspection.
iii. Bravat Global liability is limited to:

• The replacement cost of goods;
• The cost of obtaining equivalent goods; or • The cost of having the goods repaired.

i. Please provide a claims or reference number when returning goods to allow ease of cross-reference with your records.
ii. Stock returns must be made within 30 days of statement, unless the reason is due to manufacturing fault.
iii. A restocking fee of 15% is applicable for all approved goods returned unless otherwise agreed or approved by management.
iv. All goods returned for credit must be in a saleable condition or goods will not be accepted for credit, subject to inspection by warehouse.

i. Property of goods shall pass to the customer at the time the goods are placed on the vehicle, which is to effect delivery from the supplier’s store or warehouse from which the goods are dispatched to the customer and shall thereafter be the customer’s risk.
ii. Bravat Global Pty Ltd remains the sole owner of goods until payment has been received in full.
iii.Irrespective of condition 13(ii), the customer shall sell the goods in the ordinary course of business and keep it separate from other goods. iv.If there is a default in payment of goods, Bravat Global Pty Ltd or its agent may for the purpose of recovery of the goods, enter upon the

customers premises and recover the goods which have not been paid for.

Bravat Global Pty Ltd offer the below shipment terms:

• FIS for orders greater than $300.00 (including GST) ;
• Minimum order fee: For orders less than $300.00 (including GST), a freight charge is applicable at $25.00 (including GST)